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Dance with 'M3GAN' thanks to the now-streaming official soundtrack

Yes, M3GAN singing "Titanium" is one of the tracks.

By Matthew Jackson

You might not be able to bring M3GAN home yet, but you can at least bring home her music. 

The original soundtrack to the sci-fi-horror hit, composed by Anthony Willis, officially landed across streaming platforms this week courtesy of Universal's Back Lot Music, giving fans everywhere the chance to relive their favorite moments from the film through the thrilling score. While M3GAN first gained notoriety through its pop-infused trailers, Willis' score for the film actually plays very much like a classic, orchestral thriller piece, giving a certain timelessness to the very timely subject matter.

You can pick your favorite streaming service for listening over at Back Lot's official listing for the soundtrack. And yes, M3GAN singing "Titanium" is one of the tracks.

The story of the titular android (voiced by Jenna Davis) and her fierce, protective bond with the child (Violet McGraw) she serves as a companion, M3GAN landed on everyone's radar as one of 2023's must-see horror films late last year, thanks to its flashy trailers which showed off the film's vibe and devotion to M3GAN's dance skills. On the strength of positive early screenings, the film opened last week second only to Avatar: The Way of Water, placing it in a very good position to be one of the year's early breakthroughs for horror, and earning more fans every day. 

As it's still in theaters, you can't take M3GAN the movie home just yet, but the soundtrack should help tide you over until the day when you can watch the film as many times as you want from the comfort of your couch. And when the film finally does hit home media, it'll apparently do so with a little more than just the movie everyone saw in theaters. According to M3GAN screenwriter Akela Cooper, an unrated cut is also on the way. 

In the meantime, you can always go watch M3GAN dance on the big screen one more time.

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