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‘Ma’ trailer: Octavia Spencer is like Misery’s Annie Wilkes on steroids in Blumhouse horror flick

By Josh Weiss
Ma Octavia Spencer

Just when you thought nobody could top Kathy Bates' Annie Wilkes in Stephen King's Misery, Octavia Spencer comes along and aims to do just that.

In the first trailer for Blumhouse and Universal's Ma, a bunch of teenagers asking a passing woman to buy them some booze turns into a nightmare when that same woman begins stalking them, hacking their phones, and threatening their families. 

Moral of the story, kiddos: Don't drink alcohol until you're old enough!

When Spencer's character (who insists that people call her "Ma") introduces the teenagers to her party basement, we also got a vibe of Howard (played by John Goodman) in 10 Cloverfield Lane. While the youths are free to do whatever they want in her house, Ma has only two simple rules: 1) One person has to remain sober and 2) They aren't allowed to go upstairs.

Oh dear God, what's she keeping up there?!

Co-written and directed by Tate Taylor (The Girl on the Train), the movie co-stars Juliette Lewis (Nerve), Luke Evans (The Alienist), and Missi Pyle (Caretakers).

Even the first poster puts a cracked and unsettling spin on the concept of an overprotective mother. 

Ma Octavia Spencer movie poster

Taylor's working relationship with Spencer goes way back to his 2003 short, Chicken Party. Over the years, they've collaborated on Pretty Ugly People, The Help, and Get on Up. Taylor also worked with Evans for The Girl on the Train.

Ma stalks its way into theaters May 31.