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Full 'MacGruber' trailer proves things are the same... and a lot more personal in Peacock series

Your favorite SNL skit, turned movie, turned TV series is bringing the pain.

By Nivea Serrao
MacGruber PRESS

The blasts from the past continue! Not only are Neo, Doc Ock, Ghostface, and other classic pop culture figures returning to our big and small screens over the next few weeks, but soon they'll be joined by another familiar face: MacGruber.

The first season of the upcoming Peacock TV series will pick up where the 2010 film left off as it once again catches up with its titular character — played by Sweet Tooth's Will Forte — who's been languishing in prison for the past 11 years, only to be called upon to risk his life as he goes against an old nemesis: Brigadier Commander Enos Queeth (The Mummy's Billy Zane). But as the trailer (below) reveals, even though the patriotic hero is more than willing to put on his quilted vest and die in the line of duty, getting back tohis world-saving ways won't be as easy, as this time it's a lot more personal: Queeth is the man who killed his mother. 

And that's not the only challenge he'll have to deal with, as he'll also have to re-assemble his old team. Unfortunately, his wife Vicki St. Elmo (Wonder Woman 1984's Kristen Wiig) and partner Dixon Piper (I Know What You Did Last Summer's Ryan Philippe) are much less enthusiastic about this mission — especially as it seems like none of them might actually survive it. 

Check out the trailer below:

MacGruber originally began as a Saturday Night Live parody of the popular series MacGyver, with Forte playing an over-the-top version of Richard Dean Anderson's (Stargate SG-1) iconic character, who would have to get his team out of high stakes situations using whatever quick fixes he could come up with using household materials and also dealing with whatever issues he would be going through at the time. Following the growing popularity of the character through recurring sketches, MacGruber would go on to star in Super Bowl commercials, including one that would see Anderson actually play his father. 

Eventually, much like NBC Sports ad sketch-turned-Emmy-winning TV series Ted Lasso, MacGruber would be spun off into a full-length feature film which saw Forte and Wiig reprise their roles. In the tradition of the classic '80s action movies that the sketches (and the character) tended to lampoon, the movie saw MacGruber lean into his hyper-masculine persona and attempt to avenge his wife's death, while also pursuing his feelings for Vicki, and embarking on a reluctant working partnership with Dixon. 

The first season of the upcoming comedy sees creators Jorma Taccone (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse) and John Solomon (The Last Man On Earth) once again team up with Forte, with all three executive producing the project. 

The cast includes Sam Elliott (Perry), Laurence Fishburne (General Barrett Fasoose), Joseph Lee Anderson (Major Harold Kernst), and Timothy V. Murphy (Constantine Bach)  

All eight 30-minute episodes of the series will be available for streaming on Peacock on Dec. 16.