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Madame Web may be getting her own Marvel movie from Sony and director S.J. Clarkson

By Jacob Oller
S.J. Clarkson getty

Rumors of a Madame Web movie, focused on the '80s Denny O'Neil and John Romita Jr. character that used her psychic abilities to basically operate as Spider-Man's version of Oracle, have been circulating since last fall — but a new development at Sony may be the next step for the Marvel project.

Variety reports that a mysterious new Marvel/Sony project (akin to Morbius and Venom in that they're all the Spidey-adjacent characters that Sony retains the rights to) has landed a director. S.J. Clarkson (Jessica Jones) is on board to helm the Sony-verse's first female-fronted superhero movie. Does that mean Cassandra Webb is heading to the big screen? Sources claim it is very likely.

While there's no writers or stars yet attached, those same sources hint that the film is looking to add an A-list leading lady and then get a writer to construct a film around her. The star would need to be a bit older to play the canonically eldery character, who is both blind and often bound to weblike life support — which is why the studio has established actresses like Charlize Theron and Amy Adams on their watch list (though nobody has actually gone to meetings for the role, per reports).

While this is certainly vague news that could morph into a different adaptation entirely at a moment's notice, it's good to see that even Sony's offshoot of the MCU is getting some women in positions of power in front of and behind the camera. Who would you cast as Madame Web?