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Mads Mikkelsen lets his finger bullets fly in Netflix's first trailer for comic adaptation Polar

By Adam Pockross
polar Mads Mikkelsen netflix trailer

What do you do when the world's top assassination company has all its resources sighted on taking you down? You let the finger bullets fly, like any good super-spy would.

As you can see in director Jonas Åkerlund's (Lords of Chaos) first Polar trailer below, that’s the kind of resourcefulness Mads Mikkelsen (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Doctor Strange) resorts to when faced with the prospect of his former employer trying to retire him early. Mikkelsen plays silent-but-deadly international hitman Duncan Vizla, aka the Black Kaiser, who first came to life in the pages of Victor Santos' webcomics and Dark Horse graphic novels, Polar: Came From the Cold. And now, thanks to Netflix, he’s back with a vengeance…

While speech balloons were at a premium in Santos’ noir action comics, there does seem to be a bit more repartee in Netflix’s upcoming live-action offering, including Vizla’s budding friendship with Vanessa Hudgens (Powerless, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island), who plays his “cute little neighbor” in the snowy landscape the Kaiser has chosen to retire to. 

Alas, with the hope of collecting the Kaiser’s retirement funds, his former killer colleagues — including the always deadly Katheryn Winnick (Vikings) and generally wacky Johnny Knoxville (Jackass) — get greedy, which is right about the time Vizla decides to hook up some very large automatic weapons controlled by his laser-guided fingers.   

Polar, not to be confused with Mikkelsen’s other new, snowy offering Artic, drops on Netflix Jan. 25. Will you be watching?