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SYFY WIRE Maisie Williams

Maisie Williams tries her hand at home invasion horror in first trailer for 'The Owners'

By Jacob Oller
Maisie Williams in The Owners

Home invasion horror got turned on its head with 2016's surprise hit Don't Breathe, where a blind veteran becomes the menacing terror after a group of hapless thieves. Now The Owners, starring Game of Thrones' Maisie Williams, looks to pull off a similar subversion with a sweet old British couple.

The film, from director Julius Berg (The Forest), who co-wrote with Matthieu Gompel, looks to pit a young group of crooks against some elderly homeowners who should've never, ever been messed with. Home Alone, eat your heart out. The horror ramps up as these unassuming septuagenarians (played by Rita Tushingham and Sylvester McCoy) turn on the would-be bandits ... first with a power saw, then with some toxic gas.

Maisie, this trailer seems even more dangerous than the Red Wedding — get outta there!

Take a look:

Nothing's scarier than seeing people in matching jumpsuits. That's a horror movie staple and always a bad omen — even when those people aren't old folks really pissed off about you burgling their house. And what was with that giant cockroach getting smushed? Nasty. Definitely thought she was going to eat it.

This one has largely slipped under the radar, but could make for a nice little horror surprise this fall. The Owners also stars Jake Curran, Ian Kenny, and Andrew Ellis as potential victims in this housebound game of cat and mouse. The Owners hits theaters, On Demand, and Digital on Sept. 4.