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Teaser for Netflix's final season of 'Manifest' reveals Nov. 4 premiere - the same day Flight 828 returned

Manifest Season 4 lands on the streaming runway Nov. 4 — the same date that Flight 828 mysteriously returned.

By Josh Weiss
Josh Dallas Manifest S4 NETFLIX YOUTUBE

Return your tray table to its upright position, because the fourth and final season of Manifest finally has a premiere date. Netflix has confirmed the first 10 episodes of the show's jumbo jet-sized conclusion (there are 20 episodes in all) will fittingly hit the streaming platform on Friday, Nov. 4 — the very same date on which Flight 828 returned after mysteriously vanishing for five-and-a-half-years during its return trip from Jamaica. Well played, Netflix. Well played, indeed.

This news was accompanied by a short teaser trailer containing a mixture of old and new footage, which doesn't give away too much in the way of story. All we can really glean from the trailer is that things have never been more serious for proactive passengers like Ben Stone (Josh Dallas), Michaela Stone (Melissa Roxburgh), and Dr. Saanvi Bahl (Parveen Kaur) as they inch ever closer to the dreaded "Death Date" and a concrete explanation for the potentially divine machinations behind the enigmatic "Callings."

Watch the teaser below:

"Netflix said they want us to continue making the show we’ve been making and if they can help with some extra bells and whistles to make it more compelling and spectacular, they want to be able to support that," series creator, showrunner, and executive producer Jeff Rake said in 2021, shortly after the project was saved from cancelation at NBC. "But I think that it will still feel like the show people have fallen in love with. It’s going to be an incredibly visual 20 episodes and there’s some important [location filming] that’s always been built into the roadmap.”

He continued: “We established early on there is a death date in our mythology of June 2, 2024, when the story has a happy or a sad or a mixed ending. I walked [Netflix] through a bunch of twists and turns, I’ve always had a bunch of big flags in the sand — things that would happen along the way. But the excellent news is that they’re now going to be able to see them all play out in real time, because the 20 episodes that I have been gifted allows me to take the entire roadmap that I already had planned out in front of me and overlay that over these 20 episodes. Fundamentally, I’m going to be able to continue telling the story that I was always going to tell.”

J.R. Ramirez (Detective Jared Vasquez), Luna Blaise (Olive Stone), Ty Doran (Cal Stone), Matt Long (Zeke Landon), Holly Taylor (Angelina Meyer), and Daryl Edwards (NSA chief Robert Vance) round out the principal cast. Jack Rapke, Jackie Levine, and Len Goldstein serve as executive producers alongside Rake.

Seasons 1-3 of Manifest are currently available to stream on Netflix. Part 1 of Season 4 lands on the runway Friday, Nov. 4. Click here to watch a sneak peek.

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