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SYFY WIRE PIrates of the Caribbean

Ahoy! Margot Robbie boards new Pirates of the Caribbean movie from Birds of Prey's Christina Hodson

By Jacob Oller

Ahoy! Landlubbers beware, because there's a new Pirate Queen coming to fans' local ports and they'll likely recognize her from another recent escapade leading a ragtag team of ne'er-do-wells on a quest for treasure in Birds of Prey. That movie was kind of about a diamond, remember? Now star Margot Robbie (who played Harley Quinn) is teaming up with her BoP screenwriter Christina Hodson (The FlashBatgirl) for a new Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film will be female-fronted — which perhaps means, like Birds of Prey, that another team of roguish women will ride under Robbie's command — and completely separate from the Jack Sparrow-spawning series of films. Oh, and it's also separate from the reboot of the sometimes-supernatural, always piratey franchise coming from Ted Elliott and Craig Mazin.

Basically, this is its own PIrates thing that seems influenced by something Birds of Prey had going for it ... a good sign seeing as Disney recently had to update the theme park ride the franchise is based on for being so dang sexist. The superhero film had that blend of action and humor found in the Pirates franchise, alongside a deep female group dynamic that would be key for any motley crew.

The plot is locked down tighter than the Dead Man's Chest, as is any timeline plans for how this film will start moving toward production. For now, it's simply in the scripting phase — but with Pirates producer Jerry Bruckheimer on board, don't expect to see this project scuttled to the briny depths.