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Joker to Joker: Mark Hamill raves about Joaquin Phoenix's performance

By Andy Hunsaker

The geek debate will always rage as to which version of Joker is the best, be it Cesar Romero, Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger, or now Joaquin Phoenix, but for Mark Hamill, it's certainly a friendly competition.

Hamill, the much-beloved voice of the Clown Prince of Crime from Batman: The Animated Series, has celebrated the release of Todd Phillips' Joker, featuring Joaquin Phoenix's new take on the character, with a rave review and two thumbs up on Twitter. 

Ever respectful, Hamill makes sure to also credit co-writer Scott Silver. What will really hit nerds of a certain age right in the heart, though, is the image he posted of all the voice actors of the Gotham City rogues gallery in BTAS in character from back in the day. Their work paved the way for all of these varied interpretations we enjoy today.

So is Phoenix's gruesome take anoint him the new standard bearer, or will Ledger's masterful agent of chaos from The Dark Knight always hold the torch thanks to the Academy Award he won? Does Hamill's malevolent mayhem make him the man, or does Romero's goofball glee give him the go-ahead? Does there even have to be a ranked list or can they all co-exist?