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Mark Hamill spills a short secret about Star Wars: A New Hope

By Donnie Lederer
A New Hope

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was supposed to change the way you saw the beginning of A New Hope. Thanks to Mark Hamill, you’ll never look at the ending the same way either.

This past Friday, January 4, was “National Trivia Day.” Depending on your point of view, that means you shared quirky facts with your friends, or you played Trivial Pursuit, spending three hours finding a geography question you could finally answer.

Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill, took the former, and when asked by a fan on Twitter to provide an unknown Star Wars fact, he gave us one about the Death Star attack from A New Hope. While it may not be a “doozy,” it indeed is silly.


If you’ve ever been to Comic-Con in San Diego when the humidity is high, you can relate. Shorts barely do the trick there. We can’t even fathom how the Rebels felt. Even WITH shorts, having that heavy top along with sitting in a small cockpit couldn’t be comfortable at all.

So they filmed a scene in A New Hope during a heat wave. They shot the entire first act of Empire Strikes Back in the freezing cold and the first act of Return of the Jedi in the desert. Filming Endor in the California Redwoods must have felt like heaven.

Star Wars is a universe where your imagination can run wild, whether it’s from the actual product or behind-the-scenes trivia. That’s why fans will always come back for more.

via iO9