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Development news: Mark Millar's Reborn lands Sandra Bullock, Zootopia hits Disney Shanghai, more

By Jacob Oller
Star Trek Discovery red carpet getty

An eccentric bundle of genre news today has a little something for everyone, be they a Chinese animation fan, a die-hard Trekkie, a Mark Millar reader, or simply someone who wants to see a couple people trapped in a soon-to-be-bloody elevator. Let’s dig in.

First up: Star Trek. According to Deadline, Star Trek: Discovery’s second-season premiere helped CBS All Access add the most subscribers it's ever gained in a single weekend, “breaking the previous record set during the 2017 series premiere of Star Trek: Discovery by +72%.”

While exact subscription numbers were not released, the AFC Championship Game also aired that weekend and contributed to the huge boost in numbers, which also set a record for number of unique viewers. With at least one certified hit show under its belt, CBS All Access seems like it’s here to stay.

Next, Netflix's Millarworld deal with Mark Millar has landed a few high-profile creatives for its adaptation of Reborn. According to DeadlineThe Lego Batman Movie's Chris McKay will direct while Bird Box actress Sandra Bullock will produce (and possibly star).

The latter would be incredible to see, as Bullock would play the revitalized Bonnie Black, who, after her death in New York, finds herself doing just fine in the magic and swordsmanship-filled land of Adystria. The afterlife isn't so bad after all... except her husband is missing. The film is still in development, so expect to find out more as it moves toward reality.

Another streamer, Hulu, has released the latest trailer for its holiday-based horror anthology series, Into the Dark. This episode, focused on Valentine’s Day and two people trapped in an elevator, is titled “Down” and stars Natalie Martinez and Matt Lauria.

You can see them struggle with their predicament below:

From writer Kent Kubena and The Last Exorcism director Daniel Stamm, “Down” looks to have some bloody escalation bottled up alongside its two office workers. Fans can see if it’ll improve on the M. Night Shyamalan-written elevator horror Devil when the episode premieres on Feb. 1.

Finally: Zootopia Land, which Variety reports is coming to the Shanghai Disneyland with construction starting this year. The first Zootopia-focused area of its kind at a Disney park, it’s likely headed to China as a joint result of that particular park’s “rapid rate of expansion” and the property’s success in the country: Zootopia set an all-time record for animated features at the Chinese box office back in 2016.

Featuring lead characters Judy and Nick in the area’s attractions, Zootopia Land will be the eighth section of the park — following the latest expansion, Toy Story Land, which debuted in April of last year.