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WIRE Buzz: Dawn of X rises again; Andy Muschietti still developing The Jaunt; more

By Christian Long
Dawn of X Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics has big plans for its multitude of mutant-centric series, and the upcoming 'Dawn of X' relaunch proves it. 

The relaunch comes in the wake of the events of Powers of X and House of X, two six-issue mini-series penned by writer Jonathan Hickman. This new era for mutant-kind will incorporate six separate titles, including New MutantsExcaliburMaraudersX-Force, Fallen Angels, and a new X-Men series also written by Hickman — who'll also co-write the upcoming New Mutants series. 

Marvel also released a trailer ahead of the 'Dawn of X' launch next month, which features a lot of familiar faces. 

'Dawn of X' will kick off on October 16 with the release of Hickman's new X-Men series. New issues will be available weekly until mid-November. 

(via The Hollywood Reporter)

Next up, while It: Chapter Two continues to reign terror on the box office, director Andy Muschietti is staying close to the work of Stephen King

Muschietti was first attached to develop a film version of The Jaunt back in 2015, which is based on one of King's stories. Now, almost five years later, the project is finally coming together. 

"[The film] has been in development with Plan B for a few years. We tried to crack it and now we finally have a writer that can do it," Muschietti said. "I would love to. It’s tough to crack because it’s such a great short story, and then you have to expand it into a great film narrative. It took a while, but now I think we got it. I don’t want to tell too much."

The Jaunt was first published back in 1981 and is set in the 24th century where teleportation is commonplace. The catch (because there's always a catch), is that travelers have to be under anesthesia or risk a terrible existential breakdown.

It doesn't sound like the easiest material to adapt to the big screen, but this is the guy who managed to put The Ritual of Chüd in It: Chapter Two, so if anyone should take a stab at it, it's this guy. 

(via Bloody Disgusting)

Finally, we're getting a (somewhat) better look at three of the principal characters from the upcoming DCEU flick Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)

The images, from artist Tula Lotay, are actually the covers to three upcoming paperback collections that DC is putting out in December to build on the hype for Birds of Prey, centering on Black Canary (Jurnee Smollett-Bell), Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), and The Huntress (Mary Elizabeth Winstead). While they aren't actual photos of the actors in character, they give the clearest idea as to how the trio will appear onscreen so far. 

Black Canary's collection will consist of Brenden Fletcher's Black Canary #1-12 and Black Canary Sneak Peek #1, Harley's will include Harley Quinn #1-7, Harley Quinn: Future’s End #1, along with a story from Secret Origins #4, while The Huntress' consists of Greg Rucka's Batman/Huntress: Cry for Blood #1-6.

Birds of Prey will wreak havoc on theaters starting February 7, 2020. 

(via Comic Book)