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Marvel stars reassemble! Tom Hiddleston & Charlie Cox swap costumes for Halloween

By Jacob Oller
Tom Hiddleston and Charlie Cox Halloween Getty

Halloween always means plenty of good costumes, but sometimes — thanks to the world of comic books — it means fans get alternate versions of their favorite heroes. Just think of it this way: What if Disney+’s What If...? series dropped a little early and started exploring all the alternate ways that the MCU could’ve unfolded? Like if one of its Netflix heroes swapped places with one of its trickster gods, for example.

That’s what happened when Charlie Cox and Tom Hiddleston, both in the Broadway cast of Betrayal, celebrated the holiday by swapping costumes from their comic careers. Hiddleston got all Daredeviled out while Cox went full Loki — wig and all. Take a look:

Tom Hiddleston and Charlie Cox Halloween Getty

Charlie Cox and Tom Hiddleston

Tom Hiddleston as Daredevil


The Daredevil star and Thor villain are looking good. Some of their costars joined in on the fun, like Zawe Ashton’s Captain Marvel and Eddie Arnold’s Captain America. It’s New York’s very own Broadway Avengers:

Tom Hiddleston and Charlie Cox Halloween 2 Getty


The MCU duo pleased fans plenty, as you can see in this video of them debuting the look to adoring onlookers:


As Loki heads to a new home on a new streaming service, it makes sense that Cox (whose show was canned on Netflix) is looking to fly in under the radar. Maybe Daredevil can make an appearance sometime ... lord knows Loki could use a good lawyer.