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WIRE Buzz: Marvel heads back to San Diego Comic-Con, Kung Fu Panda gets a new trailer, more

By Christian Long
Avengers Endgame portals

After sitting out San Diego Comic-Con last year, Marvel Studios will be taking over Hall H this go-round. 

As noted by Deadline, there are no concrete plans for what Marvel has up its sleeve, but its appearance comes at an interesting time for a studio that's basically been printing money at the box office for the last 10 years. Its last film, Avengers: Endgame, was the culmination of more than 20 films that preceded it and has so far earned an astounding $2.7 billion globally, while Spider-Man: Far From home will officially bring Phase 3 to a close. 

Disney, which owns Marvel, recently acquired 20th Century Fox, which means the X-Men and The Fantastic Four are back under their creative umbrella. Marvel Studio boss Kevin Feige did say — about six months ago — that they'd start looking to develop a new X-Men project in about six months, so that's one possibility. 

As far as what Marvel does have going, there's the Black Widow solo film, as well as Shang-ChiDoctor Strange 2, and The Eternals, all in various stages of development. There's also Disney+, which launches this November and promises solo series featuring Loki, Falcon and The Winter Soldier, and the oddly titled WandaVision

Basically, no one outside of Marvel Studios really has any idea what's in store at SDCC, so we'll have to wait for the big reveal this July. 

Next up, Amazon has released a trailer for the second half of Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny's first season

The series, based on the popular DreamWorks film franchise, follows a quartet of young pandas who've finished their training and are now known as the Four Constellations. After being summoned by the Emperor to the Forbidden City, friends quickly turn to foes, meaning it will take all their kung fu knowledge to defeat evil in an explosive and epic battle. 

This is also the second series based on the Kung Fu Panda films. The first, King Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness, ran on Nickelodeon from 2011 through 2014. 

Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny is executive-produced by Emmy Award winners Mitch Watson and Elliott Owen, along with Lane Lueras (The Adventures of Puss in Boots). You can catch all-new episodes when they drop on Amazon Prime Kids starting July 5. 

Speaking of trailers, there's a new one for Infinity Train, but viewing it will take a little effort. 

As noted by Polygon, Cartoon Network's YouTube page has an ominous video, which features an infinity symbol, a few ambient train sounds, and a faint melody. That video, however, directs you to this website, where you have to solve a puzzle in order to unlock the full trailer. 

The animated series was created by writer and artist Owen Dennis, based on his eight-minute short film about Tulip, a science-minded hero who's on a journey of limitless possibilities. The trailer, if you manage to unlock it, reveals the show will start at the beginning of Tulip's journey through space-time.  

If you don't want to figure out the puzzle and just want to get hyped on the trailer, Polygon also has a walk-through guide to help anyone out who might need it. 

Infinity Train is set to debut on Cartoon Network later this year.