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Marvel Spotlight announces Loki, Squirrel Girl, and Ms. Marvel plays

By Jacob Oller
Hammered Marvel Spotlight cover

The Marvel universe is expanding. We’re not talking about the multiverse here, just a new approach to a medium that’s so far only featured the MCU-centric Marvel Universe LIVE! That’s right, drama nerds rejoice, because three new plays featuring Marvel characters were announced today, which means that the humanization of these super-beings can be explored by actors at all levels and with all budgets.

EW reports that Marvel Spotlight, the team-up between the comic company and Concord Theatricals’ Samuel French, will be bringing Marvel characters to the stage in contemporary plays that skew young.

“Over the last 80 years, the Marvel Universe has grown to inspire billions across the globe by telling relatable, personal stories reflecting the world outside our window,” writes Marvel executive Stephen Wacker. “With these amazing plays and this uncanny group of talented playwrights, we hope to give the next generation of Marvel fans a chance to bring those stories to life and explore what it means to be a superhero right in their own backyard.”

With a license fee sitting at around the industry standard at $75 for a single play’s performance or a $125 performance rate when showing two or more, those looking to bring a little pop culture pizzazz to the stage might have some new inspiration outside of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark. But that's without the bells and whistles. Marvel is also charging all sorts of cash for its Scenic Projections, logos, and video licenses, so enterprising departments may want to stick to their DIY staging if they want to save some cash.

Fans can learn about the three one-act plays (one each focused on Loki, Kamala Khan’s Ms. Marvel, and Squirrel Girl) on Marvel Spotlight’s website, which details how each superhero deals with issues like writing your own fan fiction, dealing with sibling rivalry, and starting college. Check out their covers below:

The Ms. Marvel-focused Mirror of Most Value comes from playwright Masi Asare, while the Loki and Thor-centric Hammered is by Christian Borle. Finally, Squirrel Girl Goes to College sees Karen Zacarías tackle Doreen Green’s Unbeatable Squirrel Girl as the hero begins her higher education. The latter two are listed as comedies on the Samuel French site, while the former sits in drama — all three possess the subgenre of “adventure.”

Mirror of Most Value, Squirrel Girl Goes to College, and Hammered are all available to read and/or perform today.