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SYFY WIRE Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker

What's up, Doc? Matt Smith reportedly says he's not in Star Wars: Episode IX

By Brian Silliman

Fans of Matt Smith, Doctor Who, and Star Wars were all in a state of jubilation when it was widely reported that the actor was cast in Star Wars: Episode IX. What the former 11th Doctor's role in the film would be was kept very secret, and has been the cause of more than one fan rumor. Despite all of this, Smith may not appear in the movie after all.

Reporter Emily Zemler recently interviewed Smith for the Los Angeles Times and wrote, "He’s not in the next Star Wars film, despite reports to the contrary." She then adds that Smith reportedly said, “As far as I can tell, I’m definitely not." She follows that up by saying that "he is practiced in keeping secrets."

Okay, well, this is definitely something? Smith (also a cast member in the new Morbius film) being added to the cast wasn't just reported by a few small sources — it was everywhere (including SYFY WIRE), and nobody (including Smith himself) contradicted any of it. If Smith's statement is correct and he did say what he reportedly said, could it possibly be a case of Smith being cut from the film after being cast?

Production has wrapped, and the film is likely being edited at this very moment. If Smith has been cut, then it would be a little early to be sure. His part could have been cut during shooting (which seems like it would have made the news, possibly), but the other possibility is that he was never in the film at all. If that's the case, Smith might have just said, "I was never on set, I didn't shoot anything, I'm definitely not in it because I never went in front of a Star Wars camera." He didn't say that.

Is he, or isn't he? Is this a part of that legendary J.J. Abrams secrecy? Is Smith still in the movie, but now playing Benedict Cumberbatch-as-John Harrison-as-Khan? Would they take the puzzle-box casting so far as to claim that someone was never cast in the first place? It's all very confusing, and perhaps we should all recall a pivotal lesson from Doctor Who: Rule 1: The Doctor lies.

Star Wars: Episode IX will conquer your local cinema this December. It may or may not have Matt Smith in it.