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SYFY WIRE Michael Fassbender

WIRE Buzz: Michael Fassbender playing super-spy Malko; Netflix cancels Chambers; more

By Christian Long
Michael Fassbender X-Men: First Class

Michael Fassbender is entering the super-spy game.

With Fox's X-Men franchise all done, the actor has teamed up with Lionsgate to help develop Gerard de Villiers' espionage book series S.A.S. for the big screen, per a report from The Wrap. Fassbender will produce as well as star as "super spy for hire" Malko Linge, the series' protagonist. Oscar nominee Eric Warren Singer (American Hustle) will write the screenplay.

The first outing, titled simply Malko, will be based on Checkpoint Charlie, which is one of 200-some novels de Villiers wrote that feature Linge. Given that Lionsgate has secured the rights to the entire series, it sure looks like they're hoping for a blockbuster spy franchise all their own.

"This is a character with a tremendous 200-title library of amazing spy stories to draw from, and we believe we have a world-class creative team in place with Michael and Eric Warren Singer as we move forward on this project," said Lionsgate Motion Picture Group Chairman Joe Drake.

Fassbender will next be seen starring alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger in director David Sandberg's Kung Fury 2.

After just one season, Netflix has pulled the plug on supernatural heart-transplant drama Chambers, starring Uma Thurman and Tony Goldwyn.

"Chambers will not return for a second season. We’re grateful to creator and showrunner Leah Rachel for bringing this story to us and to her fellow executive producers Alfonso Gomez Rejon, Steve Gaghan from Super Emotional, Winnie Kemp and Wolfgang Hammer from Super Deluxe, and Jennifer Yale," read a statement from the streaming service, via The Hollywood Reporter. They also gave a special shoutout to newcomer Sivan Alyra Rose, who played Sasha Yazzie.

Typically, Netflix original series have an 80% chance of getting renewed for a second season, per THR. Alas, Chambers, which premiered back in April, apparently failed to resonate with critics or audiences.

Finally, look for more content coming from Hulu now that Disney has full control over the TV-centric streaming service.

"We are going to be able to invest more and invest more upstream and find the best stories and the best creators to make shows for the company," Hulu CEO Randy Freer told CNBC, adding that "investment in original programming will increase significantly."

Hulu representatives also clarified that they weren't necessarily going to spend more money in developing more original programming, but will shift focus from acquiring existing content, which has been their prerogative.

While it doesn't have near the original content of, say, Netflix, Hulu's originals have tended to do well with audiences and critics. This includes their adaptations of The Handmaid's Tale, Catch-22, and the time-travel drama 11.22.63.

Currently, Hulu is developing two live-action Marvel series, Ghost Rider and Helstrom, as well as four animated series, including one featuring cult favorite Howard the Duck.