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SYFY WIRE Mike Flanagan

WIRE Buzz: Mike Flanagan directing Midnight Mass; Weathering With You names English voice cast; more

By Jacob Oller & Benjamin Bullard
Weathering With You IMDb

Mike Flanagan, director of The Haunting of Hill House and Doctor Sleep, has a few new horror projects coming down the pike from his home base over at Netflix. One of them, Midnight Mass, revolves around the residents of an island whose lives are turned upside-down (and very paranormal) when a young priest comes ashore. Flanagan recently gave an update on The Haunting of…’s second season, and in doing so, also confirmed that he’d be helming all episodes of Midnight Mass.

Per Bloody Disgusting, Flanagan confirmed that he was heading to Vancouver to finish up one series and start another:

The interesting part, aside from his packed work schedule, is that the horror maestro cleared up the directorial situation with the new series:

That’s seven full episodes of Flanagan goodness primed to spook horror hounds... whenever it actually comes out. So yeah, he’s got a full plate!

Until then, The Haunting of Bly Manor will drop on Netflix sometime this year.

Next, Weathering With You, director Makoto Shinkai's anime follow-up to the body-swapping box office hit Your Name, has announced its English-language cast. A love story set in the rainy season about a runaway boy and a sunny girl that can manipulate the weather, Weathering With You debuted last year to critical acclaim (and plenty of cash) in Japan — and is now getting its own English dubbed version for those that prefer not to read subtitles.

According to distributor GKIDS' release, Lee Pace (Guardians of the Galaxy), Alison Brie (The Lego Movie), and Riz Ahmed (Venom) will play the colorful side characters surrounding the romantic leads voiced by Brandon Engman and Ashley Boettcher. Emeka Guindo, Vinnie Penna, Mike Pollock, and Barbara Goodson round out the ensemble.

Check out the trailer below for the Japanese version...

Weathering With You comes Stateside on Jan. 17.

Finally, Warner Bros. and new production partner Populace are reportedly getting ready to make a big-screen version of The New World, adapting the alt-future graphic novel series from prolific comics writer Aleš Kot (Bloodborne, Secret Avengers, Suicide Squad).

Deadline reports that the studio has recruited playwright Jeremy O. Harris, who wrote 2018’s well-received Broadway play Slave Play, to pen the script. Kot’s Image Comics series, The New World, follows a pair of lovers into a Mad Max-style future version of America in the wake of a second Civil War, where the state of New California is determined to end the unlikely duo’s anti-authoritarian streak.

Populace founder Tamir Muhammad is producing, though there’s no early word on casting, a director, or a release date.