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Terminator meets Children of Men in first trailer for Hulu's sci-fi thriller 'Mother/Android'

Mother/Android premieres on Hulu Friday, Dec. 17.

By Josh Weiss
Mother Android Trailer YT

After defeating a plane-wrecking gremlin in last year's Shadow in the CloudChloë Grace Moretz turns her attention to a robot apocalypse in the first trailer for Mother/Android. Marking the feature-length directorial debut of Mattson Tomlin (writer of Project Power and co-writer on The Batman), the Hulu Original film stars Moretz as Georgia, a pregnant woman attempting to find refuge for the sake of her unborn child in the wake of a deadly android uprising. The Hate U Give's Algee Smith co-stars as her boyfriend, Sam.

It's basically James Cameron meets Alfonso Cuarón.

Matt Reeves (Tomlin's fellow Batman scribe) serves as producer alongside Adam Kassan, Rafi Crohn, Bill Block, Charles Miller. Raul Castillo (We The Animals) rounds out the main cast.

"Mother/Android is a deeply personal story inspired by sacrifices made to bring me into this world," Tomlin, who based the story on his own parents' experiences during the Romanian Revolution of the late 1980s, said in a statement when the project was first announced last September. "I’m thrilled to be working with Miramax and my friend Matt Reeves to tell a story that speaks to the strength of humanity in the darkest of times."

Watch the trailer below:

Tomlin is currently working on a Terminator-inspired anime series at Netflix, so this film should give viewers a good sense of how he'll be handling Skynet in the near future. Think of it as the perfect warm-up exercise.

“I spent years trying to figure out what my first movie was going to be,” the writer/director explained to Vanity Fair last month. “I’d come up with lots of different scripts, lots of different stories, and it was very Goldilocks: This one’s too big. This one’s too small. Finally, a friend of mine said, ‘You need to stop writing all of these different ideas and just do something that’s so viciously personal that you’re the only person in the world that can do it.’”

When it came to finding the right person to play Georgia, Tomlin tried to cast against type. Sarah Conner who?

"I wanted somebody who, of course, could be strong, but I think that in Hollywood, there’s this tendency to think that a strong woman just means: grit your teeth and have a gun," he said. "There’s a lot of strength in being vulnerable too. And Chloë was such an amazing partner to me in making this movie, because we would have lots of conversations about what female strength is and when that vulnerability shows and when those insecurities show. To hurt, to feel pain, that’s not weakness. That’s just being human."

Mother/Android will premiere on Hulu Friday, Dec. 17 — the same day that Spider-Man: No Way Home opens in theaters.

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