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SYFY WIRE MTV Movie and TV Awards

Even before ceremony starts, Game of Thrones wins Best Show at MTV Movie & TV Awards

By Christian Long
Grey Worm Jacob Anderson Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones certainly got a winning start at the MTV Movie & TV Awards this year.

During a red carpet event ahead of tonight's awards ceremony, which MTV live-streamed to Twitter, Grey Worm actor Jacob Anderson got a bit of a surprise. While being interviewed, the actor was unexpectedly presented with the coveted Golden Popcorn statue for Best Show on behalf of HBO's recently concluded fantasy epic.

The series was competing against The CW's teen drama Riverdale along with three Netflix shows: the horror anthology The Haunting of Hill HouseSchitt's Creek, and Big Mouth.

"A lot of amazing people work on Game of Thrones, so I feel weird being the one to hold this, but I've always wanted to hold one of these," Anderson began. "So, congratulations to everybody, all the people I love on the show, who have worked incredibly hard, you will get to touch this. Cast and crew, and everybody who's amazing, we did it!"

Prior to accepting the award on behalf of the show's enormous cast and crew, Anderson also recalled his final days on set, and the last time he was having his character's costume removed, he "started to well up" even though he "hated that armor."

Along with winning Best Show, Game of Thrones was also nominated for Best Fight, via the now infamous Arya Stark vs. the White Walkers moment. Maisie Williams, who plays Arya, was also nominated for Best Hero, and Emilia Clarke's portrayal of hero-turned-city-burning villain Daenerys Targaryen is up for Best Performance.

The MTV Movie & TV Awards aired Monday evening, and will likely be shown again, on repeat, for quite a while.