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WIRE Buzz: Why Mulan shot Donnie Yen in slo-mo; The Walking Dead: World Beyond trailer; New Mutants

By Jacob Oller
Mulan Disney remake

As Mulan heads straight to streaming Disney+, fans interested in the live-action remake of the iconic animated hit can still find plenty of interesting new tidbits coming from those behind its production. As well it should, for its $29.99 price point! For example, director Niki Caro recently opened up about some fun behind-the-scenes aspects of shooting the wuxia-inspired film in a new featurette.

The footage, which teases parts of Mulan’s epic battles, highlights Donnie Yen’s Commander Tung. The sword-wielding leader of the Imperial Army puts on an impressive display — and who’d expect anything less from Ip Man himself?

Check it out:

“One of my favorite moments was shooting Donnie Yen’s martial arts skills,” Caro said. “As Commander Tung, he does a sword display in front of all the new recruits. The way he moves a sword, it moves so fast I had to shoot the sequence again in slow-motion just so I could see what he was doing.”

Some movies use slo-mo to make a point. When Donnie Yen is involved, they use slo-mo out of necessity. Awesome.

Mulan hits Disney+ on Sept. 4.

Next, the latest spin-off of The Walking Dead has dropped some new footage ahead of its October premiere. 

The Walking Dead: World Beyond, which follows the next generation of TWD survivors as they navigate a zombie apocalypse that’s been their new normal, will premiere after the flagship series returns to TV this fall. To tease fans a little more about what’s coming for the future of the walker-ridden world, AMC’s dropped a new trailer called “Generations”:

World Beyond features an ensemble cast including Aliyah Royale, Alexa Mansour, Hal Cumpston, Nicholas Cantu, Nico Tortorella, Julia Ormond, and Joe Holt, who will all deal with the various issues involved in coming of age during a very strange time in the world during showrunner Matt Negrete’s two-season limited series.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond premieres on AMC on Oct. 4.

Finally, not only is The New Mutants still heading to theaters, Disney has actually started selling tickets for the beleaguered X-Men spinoff film.

The horror-angled film about an asylum full of mutants saw heavy delays due to the Disney-Fox merger, then even more thanks to the coronavirus. Now it looks to be one of the first to return to theaters. To celebrate the sale of tickets and remind fans who exactly is in this movie, anyways, Disney dropped a final tease introducing the characters.

Take a look:

Magik, Sunspot, Cannonball, Mirage, and Wolfsbane. Got that? Maisie Williams, Anya Taylor-Joy, Charlie Heaton, Alice Braga, Blu Hunt, Henry Zaga star in the film from writer/director Josh Boone. Fans will get to see their characters band together in a way that Charles Xavier’s favorites could never.

The New Mutants hits theaters (really!) on Aug. 28.