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SYFY WIRE The Sandman

Neil Gaiman breaks down Sandman's multi-season Netflix plan

By Jacob Oller
Gaiman TCA Amazon

The impossible now seems possible. The ethereal, now tangible. Sandman is heading to Netflix and comic fans are losing their marbles. Now creator Neil Gaiman has broken down a few more details regarding the series, which will finally bring Morpheus (along with all his supernatural acquaintances and enemies) to the screen thanks to Gaiman, Allan Heinberg, and David Goyer.

Not only does the outspoken and social media-savvy Gaiman have plenty to say about the upcoming series, he also has a few corrections to issue to the press. First, one about the episode count:

Previous outlets reported that Netflix was on board for a ten-episode commitment, but it seems that the first season will need eleven to fully tell the Preludes & Nocturnes storyline (the first eight issues of the seventy-five issue series). And set up a little more, of course, as there are many, many seasons available if this show manages to be a hit:

But it all starts with the pilot, which Gaiman clarifies that he’ll be co-writing:

And once that’s done (none of the scripts are done yet), they’ll be setting Sandman thirty years after the source a modern upgrade:

Nipping as many misconceptions in the bud as he could, Gaiman rattled off these details — which fans are already taking as gospel. And why shouldn’t they? As the main creative force behind the decade-spanning book, Gaiman made a sensation that dominated a medium. And now it’s finally headed to a new one.

No premiere date is yet set for the Netflix show.