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Netflix follows SNL's lead, creates 'Short-Ass Movies' category for streamers in a hurry

Now there's a whole Netflix category primed for short attention spans.

By Matthew Jackson
Pete Davidson in SNL

In the years since it evolved from mail-order-DVD service to streaming content giant, Netflix has become famous for its algorithm, a formula that supposedly ensures that whenever you sit down on the couch, you'll get something right on your home screen that you specifically want to watch. But even the algorithm can't always pinpoint certain preferences, which is why sometimes Netflix has to takes its cues from... a Saturday Night Live parody music video?

Over the weekend, during its latest episode hosted by comedian Jerrod Carmichael, SNL dropped a pre-taped music video sketch titled "Short-Ass Movies." Starring SNL cast members Pete Davidson and Chris Redd, rapper Gunna (the weekend's musical guest), and Red Rocket star Simon Rex, the sketch has a very simple premise: Some people go to streaming services specifically so they can watch movies with a runtime in the 90-minute range. Because, as Davidson puts it, "I'm a simple man with no attention span." 

You can check out the music video, which includes everything from a loving retrospective of the Ernest film series to a critique of the length of Sex and the City 2, below.

The joke works, of course, because this is a relatable phenomenon. Whether you've got a short attention span or you just know you can't stay awake for two hours after putting the kids to bed, you're probably like a lot of people who actually have an appetite for "short-ass movies." Which is why Netflix responded to the SNL sketch by actually creating a category to meet the need. 

That's right, there's actually a "Short-Ass Movies" section on Netflix that you can go and browse right now. Unfortunately, the Ernest movies aren't there, but plenty of other 90-minute-friendly films are. Horror films, historically a treasure trove of 90-minute runtimes, are well-represented, with titles like A Nightmare on Elm StreetThe RitualThe Rental, and The Babysitter on the list. If it's comedies you want, you can choose from things like Monty Python and the Holy GrailBetween Two Ferns: The MovieZoolander, and more. You can even find critically acclaimed, award-nominated fare like Lady Bird and The Beguiled

So, once again, Netflix has you covered if you're hoping to relax on the couch with a movie that won't test your ability to stay awake just a little longer.