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Netflix releases first teaser for Arabic supernatural YA drama Jinn

By Jacob Oller
Jinn Netflix

Netflix has plenty of non-English offerings for genre fans on its streaming service already, but supernatural teen drama Jinn will be its first Arabic original series. Now it’s letting fans sneak a peek at what they can expect when the six-episode series debuts.

Filmed entirely in Jordan, Jinn comes from head writer Elan Dassani and stars Salma Malhas, Hamza Abu Eqab, Sultan Alkhalil, and Aysha Shahalthough, all of whom are either Jinn themselves or have some strange and unexpected relationship to the mythological spirits. Shahalthough and Abu Eqab are Jinn (with the latter being a Jinn in charge of rogue Jinn) while Malhas and Alkhalil will spend their time coming of age.

After a trip to Petra that took a turn towards the fantastical, the gang ends up wondering which of their high school classmates is actually human and which are Jinn. The show’s first trailer sets up the show with plenty of magical sand effects and YA drama.

Check it out:

There’s mystery afoot as well as a Twilight-y feel to the drama. It’s hard not to think a Jinn and a human are going to fall head over heels, right? And probably on the way to math class, on top of everything else. Jinn may break new ground for Netflix in terms of its language offerings, but it remains to be seen if the show can replicate the success of some of its other non-English originals like Dark or 3%.

Jinn hits Netflix on June 13.

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