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This high school's dramatic staging of Alien will make your chest burst

By Donnie Lederer

High school plays are a risk. Not only does a school have to choose material that people in the community want to see, but it has to be one that the students can perform well within their capabilities. Sometimes the risks pay off, sometimes they fail. Then there is the case of the North Bergen High School drama club from New Jersey. As a great tag team always says, “They didn’t just set the bar. They ARE the bar."

On the stage, no one can hear you scream. Well, except for an awestruck audience. Reported by the A.V. Club, North Bergen performed a stage rendition of Ridley Scott’s 1979 classic, Alien. Check out the tweet down below from user Paul Owens, who gave us some shots of the facehugger scene, the space jockey, and the xenomorph itself.

We at SYFY Wire love to celebrate cosplay, and are excited that much more when fans can apply it to furthering education! Here are some more tweets featuring video from the production.

What we feel is innovative here is the use of the film in the background. It not only helps with some of the more “hard to create on a high school budget” effects but shows respect to the source material.

On the cusp of the movie’s 40th anniversary, we can’t think of a better tribute to a sci-fi/horror classic.