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SYFY WIRE Saladin Ahmed

New Miles Morales comic writer on where the series is heading in a post-Bendis world

By Trent Moore
Miles Morales Spider-Man comic cover

Fans are finally getting a taste for what Miles Morales will look like without Brian Michael Bendis at the helm of the other friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, and it sounds like we’re going back to basics.

Saladin Ahmed, who has taken over writing duties on Miles Morales: Spider-Man, said he’s approaching the series as a re-introduction for fans just finding the character in the wake of Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse on the big screen. But, there’s still something there for returning fans, as Ahmed aims to start up a new chapter for where Miles will go next. Considering Miles just finished saving the universe in the latest Spider-Geddon crossover, that makes sense.

“It's Miles starting a new year at high school and at Brooklyn Visions and kind of dealing with a new set of classes, some romantic tension, and some very local Brooklyn based mysteries,” he told “And we're gonna dig a little deeper into Miles. What it means for him to be not just Spider-Man, but to be Miles Morales, to be this teenager who has this background from Brooklyn, who's at this school, who has these friends, who goes on these dates, all of these sort of very human things that maybe haven't gotten as much attention with him as the superhero stuff has, is gonna be front and center in this book. Although, we're still gonna have some pretty exciting superheroics.”

Ahmed is also taking over writing duties on Ms. Marvel, and teased we could eventually see a bit of crossover between Miles and Kamala. But, don’t expect any cross-cross-pollination any time soon. The characters are already pals in the ongoing team book Champions, and Ahmed said that’s enough for now, but admitted it’s “too ripe with possibility” not to bring them together in their solo books, eventually.

The first two issues of Miles Morales: Spider-Man are available now.