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WIRE Buzz: First look at Nicolas Cage's H.P. Lovecraft film. Plus, Scary Stories' creatures

By Jacob Oller
Color out of Space hero

Today’s WIRE Buzz is all H.P. Lovecraft, Guillermo del Toro, and Zack Snyder. Some big names in the world of genre, doing what they do best.

First up is some new information about the Nicolas Cage-starring genre film Color Out of Space. The Lovecraft adaptation, from director Richard Stanley, augments the mind-bending fiction legend’s horror short story with psychedelic imagery straight out of Mandy or Annihilation. And now we’ve seen one of those images.

The Toronto International Film Festival recently announced that the 111-minute feature would make is world premiere during its Midnight Madness showcase, and showed off a trippy still from the film showing Cage, a car, and some unnatural colors more often found in soap bubbles than the night sky.

Take a look:

Color out of Space hero


Little else is known about the film, though the short story is about a strange meteorite’s effects on a small Massachusetts town. Obviously madness is involved. Fans can find out when exactly they can catch the latest and greatest Cage performance when TIFF releases its full schedule on Aug. 20.


Next, why even have Guillermo del Toro associated with your film if not for the creature design? Thankfully, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark has incredible monsters and, thanks to Insider, fans can now see just how they were put together. A new behind-the-scenes video shows off how the makeup team adapted The Toe Monster, Jangly Man, Pale Lady, and Harold the Scarecrow from the drawings of Stephen Gammell to the big screen.

Check it out:


Seeing Javier Botet, Troy James, and Mark Steger all slip into their various costumes and get-ups is almost as satisfying as watching James contort himself or Botet spread his spindly fingers. It all contributes to some severe freakiness, but fans should probably go see director André Øvredal’s film itself before completely robbing the monsters of all their uncanny power.

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark is in theaters now.


Finally, Zack Snyder’s directorial comeback has released a new photo from set. Netflix’s Army of the Dead, which sees Snyder return to the zombie genre for the first time since his directorial debut — 2004's Dawn of the Dead — has had a relatively quiet production. Perhaps that’s because its crew wasn’t exactly filled with life. 

In a photo Snyder shared on Twitter, that seems to be the case:

Dusty bones, a burned-out car, and one slick camera. What else do zombie fans want?

The film — which stars Garret Dillahunt and Dave Bautista, among others, and was written by Joby Harold and Shay Hatten — is about some hardcore badasses out to kill the undead and stay alive. And that’s it. There’s not even a release date for Army of the Dead yet. But it sure sounds awesome, right?