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SYFY WIRE No Time to Die

No Time To Die threatens a secret that will 'be the death of' James Bond in Super Bowl spot

By Jacob Oller
Daniel Craig James Bond No Time to Die

Daniel Craig's James Bond has had a rough go of it since his debut in Casino Royale, all heading toward a climactic milestone in the 25th 007 movie: No Time to Die. Now director Cary Fukunaga's entry into the iconic super-spy franchise has given fans another snippet of footage teasing everything that Bond movies should have: big villains, crazy gadgets, and women with dangerous secrets.

In fact, the latter of these is so deadly that, as the voiceover promises, when her secret gets out, "it will be the death of him." The trailer implies that the "him" in this scenario is Bond himself, who goes on to be flung out of a plane (in a smaller plane), shoot a car gun, and gorgeously climb down a mirror-windowed building.

Check it out:

Along with the good guys (Lashana Lynch's 00 agent), this trailer also gave fans more footage of the baddies. The recent Oscar winner Rami Malek's Phantom of the Opera-masked villain was joined in the trailer by Christoph Waltz's take on Ernst Blofeld, backing up the mysterious threat of a femme fatale's secret.

That's definitely been a problem for Craig's Bond in the past, and fans know that this is his last hurrah as the character. Could this film include the death of James Bond?

No Time to Die threatens to change everything for James Bond when it hits theaters on April 10.