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'Nope' star Daniel Kaluuya launches fashion merch capsule inspired by Jordan Peele's sci-fi mystery

Nope exclusively arrives on the big screen next Friday — July 22.

By Josh Weiss
NOPE Capsule Collection

Ahead of Jordan Peele's Nope (out in theaters everywhere July 22), you can dress like a true UFO documentarian with a limited edition capsule of merchandise inspired by the upcoming sci-fi/horror blockbuster, which is primed to put a novel spin on the timeworn alien invasion genre. A celebration of Black artistry, the professional collaboration between central cast member Daniel Kaluuya and visionary fashion designer Jide Osifeso, the collection of out-of-this-world swag offers up T-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, and even a bright-orange Scorpion King crew member hoodie based on the one worn by Kaluuya's character, OJ Haywood, in the hotly-anticipated film.

“There’s an evocative, understated power to Jide’s work that I’ve always admired,” Kaluuya — who previously worked with Peele on the director's 2017 Oscar-winning debut, Get Out — said in a statement Tuesday morning. “His designs are distinct, intimate and of impeccable quality. Above all, his clothing is always where we are, creating a bridge between the timely and the timeless. He was the perfect artist to create this limited-edition capsule for Nope and we are blessed to have the opportunity to share with the world.”

“I love art that creates memories and that connects people to one another,” added Osifeso, also the founder, creative director and designer of the Los Angeles-based contemporary brand known as HYMNE [him]. “Jordan Peele’s films do that for our culture, so it was an honor to work with Daniel to create this capsule for Nope.”

Take a look for yourself below:

NOPE Capsule Merch
NOPE Capsule Merch
NOPE Capsule Merch a
NOPE Capsule Merch
NOPE Capsule Merch
NOPE Capsule Merch

Written, directed, and produced by Peele, Nope takes place in a remote California desert town that finds itself at the center of incredibly strange meteorological phenomena caused by cosmic visitors from beyond the stars. Kaluuya's OJ and his sister, Emerald (played by Lightyear's Keke Palmer), are the owners and operators of a Hollywood horse-training business who hope to achieve unimaginable fame and fortune by capturing the highest-quality recording of a UFO ever put to film.

Steven Yeun (The Walking Dead), Michael Wincott (Westworld) and Brandon Perea (The OA) round out the cast. Peele and Ian Cooper produced the feature under their Monkeypaw Productions banner, whose Vice President of Culture & Impact — Keisha Senter — helped develop the fashion capsule alongside Cooper and Universal Pictures.

In addition, the studio has agreed to make a donation to the Compton Cowboys (an organization dedicated to highlighting African American heritage in equestrian culture) and their Compton Junior Equestrians program. To prepare for his role in Nope, Kaluuya trained on the ranch of Compton Cowboys founder and owner, Randy Savvy.

Kaluuya, Palmer, and Perea showed off the merchandise in a series of images snapped by celebrated American photographer Kwaku Alston, who directed a promotional spot for the movie this past spring and also photographed the project's one-sheet posters.

NOPE Capsule Collection

Described as a "pop nightmare" by Universal, Nope exclusively arrives on the big screen next Friday — July 22.