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Jordan Peele's sci-fi horror hit 'Nope' to hit digital and Blu-ray just in time for Halloween

You can own it on Digital Sep. 20 or wait until Oct. 25 for the physical home release.

By Josh Weiss
NOPE (2022) VFX

Keep an eye on the skies and watch out for rampaging chimpanzees! Jordan Peele's Nope is coming to home video.

Fans of the sci-fi horror blockbuster can own it on digital next Tuesday (Sep. 20) or wait until Tuesday, Oct. 25 for the physical release on DVD, Blu-ray, and 4K Ultra HD. Both options boast over 90 minutes of bonus material and never-before-seen content that offers plenty of insights into the making of the subversive genre hit, which Peele both wrote and directed. Audiences will have access to five deleted scenes, a deep dive into the design process for the alien, a gag reel, and more.

Keke Palmer and Daniel Kaluuya lead the project as Emerald and OJ Haywood, the sibling operators of a Hollywood horse-training business who try to strike it rich with irrefutable evidence of an honest-to-goodness UFO. The duo gets way more than they bargained for when it becomes clear that the entity lurking in the clouds above their ranch does not come in peace. Steven Yeun (The Walking Dead), Michael Wincott (What Just Happened) and Brandon Perea (The OA) round out the principal cast.

See below for a rundown of all the special features:

  • SHADOWS: THE MAKING OF NOPE (not on the DVD) - Unpack the meaning of NOPE with Jordan Peele. Secrets are revealed with this 56-minute immersion exploring the film’s unanswered questions, taking you on an intimate journey inside every aspect of production and offering a detailed look at Peele’s revolutionary filmmaking process.
  • DELETED SCENES - Watch five unreleased scenes from NOPE
  • GAG REEL - A highlight reel of bloopers and outtakes featuring main cast
  • CALL HIM JEAN JACKET - The object of the Haywood siblings’ fascination is an entity known only as “Jean Jacket.” Filmmakers provide insights into the conception, design, and execution of this mysterious organism.
  • MYSTERY MAN OF MUYBRIDGE - A deep dive into THE HORSE IN MOTION by Eadweard Muybridge, its relationship to the Haywoods, and how it relates to the larger themes in NOPE.

While breaking down the sheer scope of the movie during an interview with The New York Times, Peele explained that he and his production crew needed to emulate the cinematic ambitions of Emerald and OJ. "My characters are trying to capture evidence of a UFO. Then I, too, was on this mission, with my collaborators, with my cinematographer, Hoyte van Hoytema, with my production designer, Ruth De Jong. We were on this ship together, also trying to kind of capture this leviathan," he said. "So it had to be about rolling up our sleeves and letting it be hard and letting what’s hard about it be what makes it great."

Nope is currently available to rent on VOD platforms.

The film — which currently holds a fresh score of 82 percent on Rotten Tomatoes — is still playing in theaters and has racked up close to $200 million at the worldwide box office. For comparison, Peele's previous two efforts (Get Out and Us) ended their theatrical runs with about $255 million each. Of course, the box office isn't what it used to be in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.