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NYCC 2019: Adam Savage and more look back at 40 years of Alien


"In space, no one can hear you scream." But we can! At New York Comic Con 2019, SYFY WIRE celebrated the 40th anniversary of Alien by inviting a panel of experts to the Live Stage. Former Mythbusters host Adam Savage headlined the panelists, joined by DC Daily host Clarke Wolfe, producer Kerry Deignan Roy, and Legion M’s David Baxter, as well as two of the key people behind the viral smash high school production of Alien: The Play, Steven Defendini, and Gabby Delacruz.

Roy and Baxter are also producers of Memory: The Origins of Alien, a new documentary that’s out this week. The film made a massive impact on our panelists, but Savage's earliest memory of the movie was certainly unique.

"I was 12 when Alien came out," recalled Savage. "My dad and my sister both saw it, and my dad was a professional painter. My sister was in art school. They both were really good at drawing stuff. So I knew that what the Alien looked like was kind of a mystery and part of the marketing of the film. I asked them both to draw me a picture of the Alien. And they both drew completely different things. That's a testament to how weird and awesome that creature was."

"Alien really sings because it is practical effects, and it is practical monster making," added Wolfe. "We love our CG creatures, and the blending of CG now. But these tangible things, I think, make it stand the test of time."

For more Alien memories, check out the full video!