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NYCC 2019: Championships of Cosplay


At Comic Cons, it's not unusual to see some fans in great costumes. But at New York Comic Con 2019, cosplay was taken to the next level. The annual Championships of Cosplay assembled some of the very best cosplayers in the world. These are the fans who can pull off costumes that can rival anything seen within television or film. Almost everything is fair game with cosplay, from TV, movies, video games, and comics. Nor will the creators feel restrained to one vision of their characters. One fan gave us a post-apocalyptic Mario, while another individual (who looked eerily like Heath Ledger) unleashed the Joker Batman upon the world.

But who could stand in judgment of these great costume makers? Professional cosplayers AvantGeek and Hendo Art made up half of the event’s four judges. They were joined by Romero Jennings, the director of Makeup Artistry for MAC Cosmetics. Rounding out the judges was Her Universe founder Ashley Eckstein. In addition to starring in Star Wars: The Clone Wars as Ahsoka Tano, Eckstein made a name for herself in geek fashion. She's also one of the few voiceover performers to ever cosplay as their most famous roles.

SYFY WIRE was on hand to capture all of the action of the Championships of Cosplay. Unlike some other events, this one had a more formal structure as costumes were brought to the stage by their specific nominations. The winners simply took our breath away with their ingenuity and cosplay genius.

To experience the entire Championships of Cosplay 2019, check out the full video!