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NYCC 2019: Do new Star Wars: Episode IX Lego toys carry spoilery details?


Playsets and limited-edition spaceships emanating from the Star Wars galaxy are one of the cornerstones of the vast LEGO marketing empire, and with Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker striking theaters in December, the new releases are ready to roll out like waves of pesky TIE fighters screaming from a formidable Star Destroyer.

SYFY WIRE is preparing for the inevitable buildup, and fortunately our Con After Dark crew is up to the challenge of breaking down the latest Star Wars Lego toys to see if any Lucasfilm secrets for the last film of the trilogy can be extracted from the current selection of choice collectibles starting to hit retailers now.

Join Jordan Carlos, Jackie Jennings, and Caitlin Busch in the video above as they pick apart an awesome offering of Star Wars: Episode IX LEGOs and attempt to glean some spoilery knowledge of the new characters after a rousing session of pure playtime with the shiny new Y-Wing, Kylo Ren's Shuttle, Treadspeeder, and Millennium Falcon sets.

A bit of Boolio, anyone?