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NYCC 2019: Go Go Amy Jo Johnson!


Although Amy Jo Johnson's left the Pink Ranger behind decades ago, she's still a fan favorite for her role as Kimberly Hart on the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. At New York Comic Con, Johnson was greeted by a legion of fans who fondly remember her Power Rangers stint. When Johnson visited the SYFY WIRE Live Stage she reiterated that she has no interest in going back to act on the show that made her famous. However, she is interested in taking on a different role.

"I am not going back, so you know," said Johnson. "I'm not putting on the suit. I would direct, though. I would totally direct a Power Rangers episode or a movie. I think that would be so fun. I've asked... we'll see."

More recently, Johnson has turned towards writing and helming her own films, following her feature directorial debut, The Space Between. Johnson told us that she's so focused on that goal that she's stepping aside from acting for now. But that doesn't mean Johnson isn't grateful to still have a place in fandom that can help support her dreams.

"I love that I have a place within [fandom] in Power Rangers," said Johnson. "It is a whole, crazy, exciting, interesting world. And there's so much nostalgia with it. It's been really great going to these conventions and meeting people and hearing their stories. And then at the same time, in return... that's really helping me fund my new career and the films that I'm doing. It feels like a real blessing to be a part of it."

For more details from Amy Jo Johnson, check out the full video!