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NYCC 2019: Harry Potter does Broadway


Ever wonder what Harry Potter and Ron Weasley would look like as adults (without all that weird digital aging at the end of the last movie)? They look like James Synder (Harry) and Matt Mueller (Ron) if you go see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on Broadway.

"You need to see this for yourself because you're going to have your mind blown," Mueller told SYFY WIRE's Tara Bennett. He's had his own mind blown by watching from behind the curtain when he wasn't onstage.

Just don't tell anyone that out of costume, Mueller actually looks more like Harry with those glasses.

Now that the show has picked up Tonys and even more magical cred with them, you can say that the grown-up Harry and Ron are legit parts of that magical world. They're also both Harry Potter fans who were freaking out at things they thought they'd only read in the books and seen in the movies. They even look at each other's sweaters and think It's Harry! or It's Ron!

It has now been confirmed that if either of the two was to win a Harry Potter trivia contest, that person would be Snyder. He's the more obsessed one.

Even though the show has been running for two years, there’s something about it — kind of like reading the books — that makes you not want to give away too much to anyone who hasn't seen it yet. They didn't spoil anything in public at NYCC, but the hints they gave probably made any Potterheads out there want to get tickets for this show even more. It's not impossible to get into anymore.

The one thing Snyder and Mueller can't agree on is who the real hero of the Potterverse is, even the real hero of just their own show. Is it really Harry? Is it someone who sacrificed themselves? Is it someone you would never expect?

Watch the video to find out!

This article was contributed to by Elizabeth Rayne.