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NYCC 2019: Spawn creator Todd McFarlane wants to bring you a movie


Comic book icon Todd McFarlane is having a milestone this month. His creator-owned comic, Spawn, is a few days away from hitting #301, which will break the record McFarlane currently shares with Dave Sim's Cerebus. However, McFarlane didn't make things easy for himself.

At the SYFY WIRE Live Stage, McFarlane told us about the challenges he faced when he decided to make Spawn #300 a triple-sized issue. As a result, McFarlane had to ink pages in random places including car rides and even a visit to the barber. He also told us how he can hide his mistakes on bumpy rides before sharing a solid piece of advice.

"You don't get to 300 issues by thinking that every page, every line, and every panel has to be perfect," said McFarlane. "At some point, you're gonna give birth to ugly babies if you just do enough work. You have to accept that some babies are gonna be ugly. And so at this point in my career, I go 'there is nothing you're gonna put on a piece of paper that's gonna define your career. There's nothing.'"

McFarlane is also driving towards making a cinematic remake of Spawn, which was originally made into a movie in 1997. McFarlane is looking to direct the new film himself with Jamie Foxx starring as Spawn. Unfortunately, it appears that the development process is still moving slowly. However, McFarlane did note that the success of Venom, which is based on a character he co-created, may help bring Spawn back to the big screen.

For more details from McFarlane, check out the entire video!