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NYCC 2019: The cast of RWBY talks Season 7


The cast of Rooster Teeth's animated hit RWBY is in the house at New York Comic Con! The primary cast, Lindsay Jones (Ruby), Kara Eberle (Weiss), Arryn Zech (Blake), and Barbara Dunkelman (Yang) were on hand alongside Miles Luna (Jaune) and writer/director Kerry Shawcross. It's been a long nine months since RWBY volume 6 left the series on a big cliffhanger, as the team arrived at Atlas, only to find the city surrounded by a blockade. According to Luna, this wasn't the finale that the team initially had in mind.

"The thing that's exciting is that we are literally picking up right where we left off in volume 6," said Luna. "There was gonna be an extra episode in volume 6, and then we ended up cutting it. So the first episode of volume 7 is essentially a modified episode 14 of volume 6. We’re diving right into it. Hopefully it'll make for an exciting premiere."

We also spoke with the cast about the drastic changes their characters have undergone through the previous volumes.

"Physically, [Yang] has been through a few changes here and there," said Dunkelman. "But from volume 1 to now, they're almost all completely different characters. They've been through so much, so much trauma, so much excitement and loss, and everything that they've just grown to be such different people. Yang in particular started off as a more one-dimensional character. She was this party girl, this happy go-lucky, excited about everything. And then life kind of wore her down a little bit. She's a little more serious now, a little more driven in different ways."

For more details from the cast of RWBY, check out the full video!

The Cast of RWBY Talks Season 7 Full Panel | NYCC 2019 | SYFY WIRE