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NYCC 2019: Wonder Woman: Bloodlines cast on the heart of Diana's story

By Courtney Enlow

Wonder Woman is a fan favorite in comics for a lot of reasons, but one of the best things about her is her complexity and the myriad qualities she brings to the table — something that the team behind Wonder Woman: Bloodlines emphasized when we spoke to them at New York Comic Con this year.

"She's got that olive branch that she is willing to put out and she's an arbiter of peace and this ambassador, and she represents diplomacy in such a beautiful way, but she's also a warrior and is willing to fight and put her values on the line on a regular basis," said Rosario Dawson, who voices Diana in this feature-length animated film.

Executive Producer James Tucker told us that out of all of Diana's qualities, he wanted to "show an aspect of Wonder Woman from the comics that doesn't get a lot of attention in other media. ... Having her deal with a problem that is about her redeeming a villain rather than just defeating a villain, that's what makes her a little different from the other guys."

But Diana's story has also been female-centric from the beginning considering her origins, and co-director Sam Liu added that "the heart of the story is about relationships between, in this case, definitely mothers and daughters. It's about [a] daughter doing something against their mother's will and sort of charting her own course." That said, not all the dynamics between women are positive; there are a lot of female villains too for fans to look forward to seeing on-screen.

Watch the full interview with Dawson, Tucker, Liu, co-director Justin Copeland and Marie Avgeropoulos (Silver Swan) below: