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SYFY WIRE Tales of the Walking Dead

Olivia Munn gets the drop on Terry Crews in exclusive clip from 'Tales of The Walking Dead' premiere

Olivia Munn's got the upper hand on Terry Crews in an exclusive clip from the first Tales from The Walking Dead.

By Tara Bennett
Tales of the Walking Dead AMC PRESS

Tales of The Walking Dead, the first anthology but fourth original series in The Walking Dead franchise, drops this Sunday on AMC and AMC+. The series was created to be a space to explore standalone stories, with the first one featuring new survivors Terry Crews as Joe and Olivia Munn as Evie.

The two play disparate yet savvy apocalypse survivors that stumble upon one another while roaming the post-apocalypse. Not exactly comfortable enough to trust each other, "Evie/Joe" is essentially a two-hander between characters that have been on their own way too long. SYFY WIRE has an exclusive scene from "Evie/Joe" which shows Joe taped up in Evie's cabin as she does a bit of an information dump about her life in the end times.

Check out the clip below:

It's not a surprise the six episode first season opens with the Crews episode as the actor tells SYFY WIRE he's been a fan from the original series' pilot and has wanted to be on any of the series for years. When he got the offer, Crews says, "To be in his world, it was a dream come true."

And then there's the added plus that the actor had a chance to reunite with his former The Newsroom cast member, Olivia Munn. "We've been friends ever since [that series]," Crews says. "We would call each other and see each other out at events and different things. She even came to our 30 year anniversary. She just came and blessed us and it's always the coolest thing. And then she texts me and she says, "Hey, Joe!" And I went, 'How does she know this?' She said, "I'm Evie!" I went, 'What?' I was so happy it was her because I didn't know who they cast as Evie."

The series will cover a range of stories including the early post-apocalyptic days of future Whisperer leader, Alpha (Samantha Morton) and her family. And look out for some unexpected stars in other episodes including Parker Posey, Anthony Edwards, Jillian Bell and Daniella Pineda. 

Tales of The Walking Dead premieres Aug. 14 on AMC and AMC+.