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Simon says ‘Be scared!’ in tense Season 2 trailer for ‘One of Us Is Lying’

Peacock’s high school murder mystery just got a whole lot creepier.

By Benjamin Bullard
One of Us Is Lying

Something sinister is definitely still lingering in the halls at Bayview High, where a whole new cycle of teenaged side-eyed suspicion is set to unfurl when suspense-thriller series One of Us Is Lying premieres its second creepy season next month on Peacock.

In the tense new Season 2 trailer below, the four high school teens still beset by the death of former classmate Simon (Mark McKenna) are up to their eyebrows in new reasons to question one another’s motives. But how else are they supposed to handle a new murder mystery in the wake of the first season’s finale, which finds Jake — Simon’s supposed killer, played by Barrett Carnahan — wounded in the woods, eventually "missing," and all but confirmed to be dead?

Check it out:

One of Us is Lying brought a first season that ratcheted up the anxiety with a mounting pile of paranoia and dread, keeping viewers guessing right up ‘til the end at the true identity of Simon's killer. Even from the grave, his memory still seems to cast a terrifyingly long shadow, as ominous text messages from the enigmatic “Simon Says” know-it-all torment the group with threats to reveal what really happened out there in the woods, between the four of them and the now-disappeared Jake.

Wherever the story goes as Season 2 arrives, it’s certain that the stakes have managed to climb higher as a haunting new fear falls over the sketched-out quartet. “Following the heart-pounding conclusion of Season One, the Bayview Four have a very deadly secret,” teases Peacock. “In Season Two we’ll see just how far they’ll go to protect their secret, themselves, and each other.”

Based on the 2017 novel of the same name from author Karen M. McManus, One of Us Is Lying stars McKenna and Carnahan alongside Annalisa Cochrane, Melissa Collazo, Cooper van Grootel, Jessica McLeod, Marianly Tejada, and Chibuikem Uche. Catch the suspenseful Season 2 premiere when the series returns to Peacock with a fresh batch of episodes beginning Oct. 20.