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Exclusive: A plague threatens to wipe out all women in trailer for sci-fi thriller 'Only'

By Andrea Ayres
Eva (Freida Pinto) in ONLY

Just in time for Valentine's Day comes a film that asks us just how far we'd be willing to go to protect the ones we love. SYFY WIRE has the exclusive trailer release for the upcoming sci-fi drama Only, starring Leslie Odom Jr. (Hamilton) and Freida Pinto (Immortals).

Odom stars as Will while Pinto plays Eva, a couple who seem to have it all until a mysterious disease threatens the global population of females. Will fights to keep Eva safe from the disease, the bounty hunters, and the government who are all on the hunt for any women left alive. But Eva soon begins to realize she cannot sit by and let men decide her fate.

Here's your exclusive first look:

The trailer opens with Will and Eva walking through a convenience store, as he warns his girlfriend to stay close. An employee of the store yanks Eva's hat off, exposing her long hair. The tension builds as images of the couple's life together before the outbreak are spliced in between the new threats they face. Soon, Eva begins to wonder whether or not her boyfriend's actions are really about protecting her, as he claims.

Written and directed by Takashi Doscher, Only premiered at the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival. Doscher says the film was loosely inspired by a shared experience between him and his wife, and that he hopes it will provoke audiences. Well, if the trailer is any indication we're sure it will.

The Walking Dead’s Chandler Riggs, Jayson Warner Smith, and Joshua Mikel also star, with Eyal Rimmon and Gabrielle Pickle producing, and Gideon Tadmor and Jim Kaufman serving as executive producers.

Only comes to theaters and on-demand March 6.