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SYFY WIRE Orphan Black

Orphan Black spin-off series in development at AMC

By Jacob Oller
orphan black

The Clone Club may soon have some new members. After the much-loved Orphan Black ended in 2017, there was a large clone-thriller-sized hole left in genre fans’ hearts. But worry not, speculative tech nerds and complex plotting geeks yearning for more after five seasons just wasn’t enough: new Orphan Black is being developed right now at AMC.

According to Variety, the network known best right now for The Walking Dead is developing a new series in John Fawcett and Graeme Manson’s Orphan Black world that doesn’t focus on those fans already know and love. Sadly, no tour-de-force performances from Tatiana Maslany. Instead, it would be an all-new story set in the same universe — which could mean a completely different set of clones than those in the show.

The show is currently in the early development stages, but would be from the same production company (Temple Street Productions) that made the original. When AMC acquired the rights is an unknown, since the series aired on BBC America — but this could be part of a new simulcast relationship like that between AMC and BBC America with the second season of Killing Eve (BBC America is co-owned by AMC Networks).

And don’t worry, this isn’t a reboot or a remake, just something that would exist next to the original run in the canon. There’s currently a search for a writer to bring the concept to life and the producers are fielding multiple pitches and perspectives — almost mirroring the various personalities of the Clone Club itself.

Nothing solid is out there yet about Orphan Black's new spin-off, but check back here for updates.

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