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Oscar Isaac says 'Metal Gear Solid' movie from 'Kong: Skull Island' director still sneaking along

Sounds like there might be a few kinks with the screenplay penned by Jurassic World co-writer, Derek Connolly.

By Josh Weiss
Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid (L) and Oscar Isaac (R)

Solid Snake is still coming to the big screen... just as soon as Oscar Isaac and Jordan Vogt-Roberts settle on a final script. Briefly catching up with IGN on the red carpet premiere of Moon Knight earlier this week, Isaac provided a quick update on that Metal Gear Solid film.

“We’re searching, we’re searching like Solid Snake," the actor said. “We’re climbing through air ducts, we’re looking for the story."

Isaac boarded Sony's video game adaptation last year, but there have been zero updates since then. Vogt-Roberts — who helmed Kong: Skull Island for Warner Bros. — is still on board as director, though it sounds like there might be a few kinks with the existing screenplay penned by Jurassic World co-writer, Derek Connolly. As far as we know, Avi Arad (Spider-Man, Uncharted) is still producing.

"I love the feeling that the game would give me every time I’d play," Isaac said while in conversation with Total Film. "It’s just a strangely isolated, mournful, lonely game to play that has these incredible moments of violence and terror, with these weird, psychedelic concepts and villains. But, yes, it’s kind of like psychedelic military horror things that happen. And the truth is, underneath the whole thing, it’s an anti-war story. So I think those are the elements I really love. And, like I said, I love the feel of playing it, and the big question of: can something like that be transferred — or can you explore those themes in a really interesting way — on film?"

Vogt-Roberts has been attached to the movie since 2014 and while another filmmaker would probably have bowed out by now, the MonsterVerse alum is in it for long haul as a die-hard fan of the 35-year-old Metal Gear Solid franchise (indeed, he was able to hide a few MGS Easter eggs throughout Skull Island).

"Metal Gear is something I've been trying to Sisyphus push up the hill for seven-plus years," the director told Entertainment Weekly last year. "That game and Kojima-san's world mean the world to me, and that's something that I'm very proud of what we're doing. I think it's very Kojima, punk rock, twisty. And then Gundam, likewise, is the godfather of otaku culture in a lot of ways without exaggeration. It is the grandfather to modern anime and thus most Japanese things that we love. It really is wild what Gundam was doing on television in an animated format in the '70s and the complexity and the weight of the stories they were telling."

Created in the late '80s, the Metal Gear Solid property now spans over 10 titles, including Super Smash Bros., where players can battle other video game icons as Solid Snake.

Moon Knight premieres on Disney+ Wednesday, March 30.