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SYFY WIRE Godzilla

O'Shea Jackson Jr. wore some monstrous Godzilla bling to the movie's premiere

By Jordan Zakarin
O'Shea Jackson Godzilla necklace

Actor O'Shea Jackson Jr. was the unofficial king of the red carpet on Saturday night thanks to the kaiju-sized pendant and necklace he wore to the premiere of Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

The actor is a lifelong fan of the iconic Japanese monster, having grown up watching the many, many movies (and a few less-than-popular TV shows) that have featured the radioactive beast menacing (mostly) Tokyo. Jackson plays a member of the military in director Mike Daugherty's new entry in the series, a role he says he felt born to play, and if there were any doubts about his enthusiasm for either the role or franchise, he stomped them out with the massive Godzilla bling that bounced on his chest at the movie's premiere. The fierce red-carpet look was actually a last-minute addition to his ensemble, as it was given to him as he arrived by noted hip hop jeweler Johnny Dang.

O'Shea Jackson Godzilla necklace

"I met him when I was 15 with Lil' John – that’s a name drop!" Jackson told SYFY WIRE at the event. "When I got out the car he was like, 'I have a gift for you' — and I didn’t even know he was going to be here — and then he gave me this. I’m not going to be like 'That’s too much,' so I’m rocking it.  Who else going to rock it?  Maybe Ken Watanabe, but nobody else can rock it but me."

It's a special piece, but Jackson agreed that he could make it an everyday kind of item: "Godzilla is the king of the monsters every day, so why shouldn’t I remind the world?"

Jackson's bling turned plenty of heads on the red carpet, but it wasn't the only neckwear that got photographers' attention — Godzilla wore a blue bow tie that wowed the crowd.

Godzilla bowtie