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Peacock adds twisted occult thriller 'Mid-Century' just in time for Halloween

Get ready for another movie to add to your Halloween binge list.

By Matthew Jackson
Mid-Century (2022)

Halloween is less than two weeks away, which means if you're anything like us, you're either already waist-deep in scary movies or currently busy building yourself the perfect binge watch guide, so the lead-up to the spookiest night of the year will be as fun as possible. However you're choosing to plot out your spooky season viewing this year, Peacock's got a very robust horror lineup to help you out, including classics like Bride of Frankenstein and The Invisible Man, modern hits like Don't Breathe and, of course, new movies like Halloween Ends

But Peacock's still not done adding the Halloween-appropriate content this month. Next week, the streaming service will introduce Mid-Century, a 2022 thriller with a very intriguing premise, a solid cast, and a very memorable setting. The film arrived in theaters over the summer, but you may have missed it in all the blockbuster hubbub of the time. Now it's coming straight to your couch. 

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Mid-Century stars Shane West and Chelsea Gilligan as Tom and Alice, an architect and doctor, respectively, who plan a weekend getaway and rent a beautiful mid-century home to escape for a few days. When they arrive at the home, Tom realizes that it was designed by his architectural idol, Frederick Banner (Stephen Lang), an infamous figure who was also deep into the occult. As they settle into the home, and Tom learns more and more about Banner's private life, it's clear that a few things are very wrong in this house. Is Tom seeing things, or is something else going on in the beautifully designed dwelling?

Check out the trailer below and find out:

The thread that ties together architecture and the occult is always an intriguing thing, whether it exists in real life or in a twisty thriller like Mid-Century. If you want to unravel the film's secrets, you can look for it on Peacock beginning Oct. 24. In the meantime, if you still haven't seen Halloween Ends, it's just a click away.