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Peacock to become next-day streaming home for NBC shows like 'Quantum Leap,' 'La Brea' this fall

New Peacock Premium subscribers can take advantage of a special fall celebration rate: $1.99 per month or $19.99 for the year.

By Josh Weiss
La Brea and Quantum Leap

Like the bird for which it is named, Peacock has only just begun to flaunt its majestic plume of feathers — especially when it comes to next-day TV shows hitting the service.

The NBCUniversal-owned platform announced Wednesday that it will serve as the next-day streaming home for NBC and Bravo content like Quantum Leap, La Brea, Saturday Night Live, Young RockLaw & OrderTop ChefThe Real HousewivesThe Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonLate Night with Seth Meyers, and more — beginning on Monday, Sep. 19. In the past, both networks sent their shows directly to Hulu. New subscribers to Peacock Premium can take advantage of a limited fall celebration rate throughout September: $1.99 a month or $19.99 for the entire year.

"We are excited to provide Peacock customers with a comprehensive destination for streaming the incredible programming airing on NBC and Bravo all year long,” Kelly Campbell, President, Peacock and Direct-to-Consumer, NBCUniversal, said in a statement today. “From Sunday Night Football and Jurassic World: Dominion to Saturday Night Live and The Office, Peacock is the streaming home for NBCUniversal and beyond, providing customers a massive premium content offering across TV, Film, Sports, and News, with less than five minutes of ads per hour for just $5 per month.” 

In addition to the newly-minted television partnership, Peacock also has an agreement in place with Universal Pictures, which allows blockbuster films (such as Simon Kinberg's The 355 and Scott Derrickson's The Black Phone) to stream on the platform just 45 days after they open in theaters. Jurassic World Dominion and Minions: The Rise of Gru are also scheduled to arrive on the service before the year is out.

Original television and film programming like The Resort, Last Light, Meet Cute, Vampire Academy, Poker Face, a Ted prequel, The End is Nye, and the upcoming John Wick prequel series — The Continental — are looking to continue beefing up Peacock's catalog of exclusives and originals.

"What content do we need to keep engaging that audience and make sure that we’re providing the right sort of content diet to that audience to keep them coming back?" mused Campbell asked an interview with Deadline. "Because not only do we need to convince the consumer to open their wallet and pay us every month, but we also need them to sit down and open the app to watch. So, we’re constantly thinking about what’s going to hook someone to come in, but what’s going to continue to keep them engaged? That’s where our data and then our marketing capabilities become so important."

Of course, Peacock is also the next-day home to SYFY originals like Chucky and Resident Alien, which are streaming now on the service.