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SYFY WIRE Pennyworth

Batman Begins: Pennyworth's second season will feature pregnant Martha Wayne

By Jacob Oller
Jack Bannon is Alfred in Pennyworth

Pennyworth, the prequel series all about Batman's butler (really), was one of the unfortunate shows that found its production caught up in the coronavirus pandemic and had to be postponed. The Epix show had a well-received first season, but when it went to film the second earlier this spring, it needed to be delayed for safety reasons. Now, however, the cast and crew are back together and giving fans a long-coming update on the future of the spy series — and it involves a version of Batman as fans have never seen him before. That's right: unborn baby Bruce Wayne. Batman truly begins here.

The show's DC FanDome panel today — which featured stars Jack Bannon (Alfred Pennyworth), Ben Aldridge (Thomas Wayne), Paloma Faith (Bet Sykes), and Emma Paetz (Martha Kane) alongside executive producers Bruno Heller and Danny Cannon — revealed a prequel surprise even more tangential than Batman's butler's past life as a super-spy. The news came directly from Heller: "This season, Martha gets pregnant."

Yes, Paetz's Martha Kane will be pregnant with Bruce Wayne...though it'll still be quite a few years until Crime Alley changes the superhero world forever.

As Batman is hinted at in the series and those around Bruce are fleshed out in strange ways (Lucius Fox will show up in S2 as well), Pennyworth looks to get its pennies' worth as it stretches any and all connection to Gotham's Dark Knight. The second season will also include new cast members James Purefoy, Edward Hogg, Jessye Romeo, Ramon Tikaram, and Harriet Slater.

Pennyworth does not yet have a release date for its second season.

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