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NYCC: Season 3 of 'Pennyworth' actually shared a set with Matt Reeves' 'The Batman'

Gotta love that Gotham City synergy!

By Josh Weiss
Pennyworth and The Batman

Gotta love that Gotham City synergy, folks! Appearing at this year's edition of New York Comic Con, Pennyworth: The Origin of Batman's Butler cast member Ben Aldridge (who plays the role of a young Thomas Wayne) revealed that Season 3 of the DC-inspired television series actually shared a set with Matt Reeves' The Batman.

"We end up on the streets of Gotham," the actor teased during an NYCC roundtable press conference attended by SYFY WIRE. "It's a really cool moment in the back half of the episodes and we were using the sets of The Batman. It was filming at the same time as we were at Warner Bros."

The set in question is the dreary and rain-soaked street exterior surrounding the diner where Paul Dano's Riddler is finally taken into custody. "We were on that set and that whole street for a major story point for our show," Aldridge remembered. "So that was a cool little moment that kind of like joins those worlds together. Because everyone's always like, 'Oh, do you feel like you're playing the father of Robert Pattinson's Batman?’ I don't really because the worlds are so very, very, very, very different."

"There's all sorts going on in this season," echoed Jack Bannon, who plays the suave Mr. Pennyworth, going on to tease a giant step toward a world inhabited by the Caped Crusader. "We visit Gotham, there’s an early version of Clayface, and V for Vendetta is in there as well."

That's right! V for Vendetta (the dystopian masterwork conceived by Alan Moore, David Lloyd, and Tony Weare) will somehow factor into the new season — perhaps in the same way Doomsday Clock brought the characters of Watchmen into the mainstream DC Universe a few years back. Fans immediately made the connection to V after the official Season 3 trailer showed off a number of individuals wearing Guy Fawkes masks. Co-creator, co-showrunner, and executive producer Bruno Heller was able to confirm the crossover to us, but refused to give up any further details. "I can't tell you what because then we'd be giving it away," he said.

"We're leaning more into the comic book vibe [by introducing] people with enhanced limbs," Aldridge continued. "It's kind of the genesis, the kernel of supervillain-superhero kind of stuff. Not quite, but it's getting a bit [there]. It's always been weird, but now I think it's kind of getting a bit more comic book-y, a bit more playful, a bit more fun." Even so, he also admits the show "has a really clear identity" that doesn't fit into any one specific genre. "It’s crime thriller-y, a bit noir, a bit gangster London, very weird."

"You kind of get close to Batman and Bruce Wayne and then you zigzag away from it," Bannon explained. "And this season, certainly, I think towards the middle of the season, you see Alfred using a grappling [hook] gun and it's sort of like the, the genesis of Batman and stuff like that. You think, ‘Oh, that's cool,' and then the season zigzags over there and it goes completely bonkers. So it'll be a wild ride, for sure."

The first three episodes of Pennyworth: The Origin of Batman's Butler Season 3 are now available to stream on HBO Max along with The Batman.

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