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WIRE Buzz: Peter Rabbit 2 trailer hops online; Doctor Sleep waking up 9 days early; more

By Josh Weiss
Peter Rabbit 2

After Peter Rabbit made over $351 million at the global box office, it was inevitable that Sony would be producing a sequel. The follow-up, helmed by the returning Will Gluck, is sub-titled "The Runaway" and received its first trailer this morning. Following the events of the last movie, Thomas McGregor (Domhnall Gleeson) and Bea (Rose Byrne) are getting married with the blessing of Peter (James Corden). 

Even with Thomas and Peter now friends, the eponymous rabbit (who now has books written about him thanks to Bea) is feeling a little neglected and decides to run away from the comfort of his garden home. He eventually crosses paths with Barnabas, an old friend of his father. 

Watch the first trailer below:

Margot Robbie and Elizabeth Debicki are also returning for the sequel to voice Flopsy and Mopsy, respectively. David Oyelowo, on the other hand, will be playing a newcomer to the Beatrix Potter-verse.

Gluck co-wrote The Runaways' screenplay with Patrick Burleigh.

Peter Rabbit 2 poster

Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway bounds into theaters everywhere on April 3, 2020.


Fandango is making it possible for Stephen King fans to see Doctor Sleep nine days before it hits theaters on Friday, Nov. 8. Members of the ticket website's VIP program will be able to watch The Shining sequel earlier than everyone else in 400 select theaters nationwide.

“We’re excited to work with Warner Bros to offer film fans their first chance to see Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep on Oct. 30, just in time for Halloween,” said Fandango President Paul Yanover in a statement. “With our early access screenings, we are committed to ‘eventizing’ the movies and working closely with studios and filmmakers to surprise and delight moviegoers."

Doctor Sleep poster

Written and directed by Mike Flanagan (The Haunting of Hill House), the film stars Ewan McGregor as a grown-up version of Danny Torrance. Still struggling with the emotional abuse caused by his father at the Overlook Hotel, Danny decides to protect a young girl (Kyliegh Curran) with special powers from the vampiric Rose the Hat (Rebecca Ferguson).

“First and foremost the movie is kind of its own thing and has been embraced by the Kubrick Estate and by King, kind of as such but in a very real sense, we're standing on the shoulders of literary and cinematic giants,” Flanagan's producing partner, Trevor Macy, said in June.

Flanagan confirmed the film's 2-hour, 32-minute runtime on Twitter, writing: "Yeah, you may want to go with the SMALL soda..."

The movie co-stars Zahn McClarnon, Carl Lumbly, and Bruce Greenwood.


While Bruce Campbell is pretty much retired as Ash Williams, he's staying in the loop on the future of the Evil Dead franchise. During an appearance at the Rock and Shock horror convention last weekend, the actor teased the next installment in the series.

“It’s OK to pass it along to another idiot to try and stop evil from destroying the world. One idiot tried and he did pretty good [but] it’s time to let other innocent people with no skills to try and save the world," he said.

"And there’s more stories to tell. We think we have a cool premise; we have a new filmmaker that Sam Raimi has hand-chosen," added Campbell. "[Sam] is very involved in it ... We’ll try and make sure the actors don’t completely suck and then we’re gonna make another one, yeah ... There won’t be any ceremony. We’re just gonna have another Evil Dead movie. There’s lots of stories and creepy books and innocent people. Lots of people to torment, yes."

These comments fall in line with what Raimi said over the summer about wanting to do another movie. (The film was remade in 2013 by Fede Álvarez.)