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New Resident Evil, Spider-Man 2, and more: 6 big PlayStation 5 title predictions

By Justin Carter
Spider-Man PS4

In a few days, Sony will be revealing games that will be available on the upcoming PlayStation 5 in a video presentation that will run a little over an hour. The presentation, which was rescheduled to make way for the numerous, ongoing Black Lives Matter protests capturing the nation's attention, will now be held on Thursday, June 11. Some of the games Sony is revealing will be first party, others third party, but they'll all showcase the potential of the new hardware, the PS5.

To that end, SYFY WIRE has come up with this list of games that we hope will get a reveal or trailer during the event. Not all of them will come to the PS5 on day one, but with luck, they will all arrive on the system at some point.


The Call of Duty franchise has explored various time periods, from the first World War to the future of 2025 and beyond. With Treyarch back in the developer's chair, it's easy to assume the next installment is another title in its Black Ops franchise, and recent leaks have given us a title — Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Those who play the Warzone mode Modern Warfare are aware of the Cold War spy plane on the map, along with a mystery surrounding the game's mysterious vault doors. Plans are allegedly in place to use Warzone as a way to reveal the upcoming title in its entirety.

Traditionally, Activision has revealed the new Call of Duty in June before its eventual release in October or November. What's more, both Modern Warfare 2019 and 2018's Black Ops 4 had short exclusivity windows with the PS4 — assuming the exclusivity deal with Sony is still in place for PS5, it makes sense to reveal Black Ops Cold War here. Given the continued success of Call of Duty, it also feels safe to say it would be a launch title for the new system if it is revealed here.


Gamers love From Software's games for their subtle worldbuilding and punishing (but fair) gameplay. In 2015, the studio released Bloodborne, a Gothic horror game for the PS4 that left them wanting more, or at the very least a PC port. Though sequel news has yet to surface, a streamer named Casey Explosion hinted last week that Bloodborne would be making its way to both the PC and PS5. What's more, the supposed remaster will be handled by Bluepoint Games and QLOC. Bluepoint is the studio behind several beloved ports of classic games, most notably the Shadow of the Colossus remake for the PS4; and QLOC remastered Dark Souls for current consoles.

In addition to Bloodborne, fans of From's work are no doubt aware of the persistent rumors that Bluepoint is also working on a remake of 2009's Demon's Souls. Demon's helped birth From's Souls franchise, and fans have been clamoring for a remake of the game for years. If true, it's possible that we'll see both the Demon's remake and Bloodborne's remaster revealed for the PS5, either as launch titles or not long after.


After returning to its horror roots with Resident Evil 7, it feels obvious that Capcom would continue down that path. Rumors have hit the internet for months as to what awaits the zombie franchise. The most prevalent of these has been Resident Evil Village, which will see a return to the first-person perspective last seen in RE7, along with the return of zombies and the debut of werewolves (or something very similar) to the franchise. Yes, really.

As if those weren't terrifying enough, there's also allegedly another stalker enemy in the mix, this time a witch who primarily operates with insects. What's not clear is if this game is actually RE8 or one of the many spinoffs the franchise is known for.

True or not, there's certainly some validity at the moment to the game's actual existence. Those who go to the PlayStation Store right now will see that the recent Resident Evil games, specifically the two remakes and RE7, are all on sale. Furthermore, in late May, Capcom tweeted an announcement for something related to the franchise hitting on June 10, a day before the PS5 reveal. These all connect too well to be just random coincidences. For those who can't migrate to a new console quite yet, don't fret, because this game is also said to be a cross-gen title.

Horizon Zero Dawn


Guerrilla Games' sci-fi RPG Horizon Zero Dawn was a smash when it arrived on the PS4 in 2017, inviting players into a lush world filled with mystery and a compelling lead character in Aloy. Her journey ended with the promise of more machines in production to kill humans, plus the mystery of what reawakened HADES and activated the machines in the first place. But as the years went on, it soon became clear that a second outing was being reserved for the next PlayStation.

Guerrilla has been mostly quiet, but it has been looking to hire developers to help bring the game to life on PS5. Additionally, a comic set after the events of the original game will be released in August. Why release a comic for a now three-year-old game if not to directly tie into the sequel in some way? Throw in the release of the first Zero Dawn on PC sometime this summer, and a second installment in what's said to be a trilogy feels inevitable.

God of War


Sony Santa Monica released God of War in 2018, giving Kratos a soft reboot that placed him in Norse mythology. He and his son Atreus completed their quest to scatter his wife's ashes at the peak of the highest mountain, and with it came a massive revelation that will drive this era of the franchise going forward: Atreus is Loki, a future God who becomes one of the key players in the god-killing apocalypse known as Ragnarok. And what's worse, by killing the god Baldur, the two inadvertently accelerated Ragnarok's timeline to now occur 100 years before it was meant to.

In the game's secret ending, Atreus has a vision of the future wherein Thor arrives at their doorstep, clearly looking for a fight. Regardless of whether or not it's a launch title for the PS5, it wouldn't be terribly surprising to see a quick glimpse of Kratos and his son's next action-packed outing.


Insomniac and Marvel's Spider-Man is one of the best games on the PS4 and was such a massive success that Sony bought the studio to keep as a first-party developer. A sequel seems like a no-brainer, especially when you consider the various teases for a sequel at the end of the game, from Miles Morales to Venom. If there were any time to tell fans a second installment was happening, it would certainly be while already revealing other PS5 titles, right?

Only, maybe not. Rumors have suggested that Spider-Man 2 won't be a launch game, but instead arrive for the holidays in 2021. It remains to be seen how true that is, but other rumors suggest Insomniac is going back to the Ratchet & Clank franchise, which has been long overdue for another installment after the 2016 remake. The studio has released launch games for Sony consoles before, and with the technology behind the new system, it would be able to deliver a cinematic experience the sci-fi franchise has been aiming for since the original game.

Sony's PS5 reveal will air on YouTube and Twitch on June 11 at 4PM ET.

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